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Nuuna Notebooks

Our Candies are clearly no understudies. Their glossy flex covers, fashioned from the stuff high heels are made of in neon, nude or black, deserve their own place on the catwalk. At the centre of everyone?s attention, it takes a lot of effort to lose sight of a book like this. It is simply impossible not to notice them. For fashionistas and anyone brave enough.
Sizing -S (1,60 × 10,80 × 15,00 cm), M (1,30 × 207,00 × 141,00 cm), L Light (1,60 × 16,50 × 22,00 cm), L (2,10 × 16,50 × 22,00 cm), XL (1,30 × 29,70 × 21,00 cm)​​​​​​​

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**Nuuna - Graphic L - Cheeky Checks
These hand-drawn checks are cheeky. They don’t care for other’s opinions, they do what they please and take criticism with a shrug of the shoulders – whatever! That’s exactly what 256 pages of premium paper in this notebook are for. Make tabula rasa with all rules and regulations and truly live your best life. Close your eyes and go, you do you!
**Nuuna - Graphic L - Deep Thought -Limited Anniversary Edition

You’ve got exactly 256 pages to fill with the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything – since it very likely isn’t ‘42’ *. The ultimate notebook for nerds and galaxy hitchhikers. Deep black bonded leather with a black coloured edge – very edgy. Exclusive new edition to celebrate our 10th anniversary and limited to 1000 numbered copies.

* from the well-known book and movie ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’

**Nuuna - Graphic L - Fancy Fans
There’s nothing like an excellent pattern: balanced, exciting, standing out from the crowd. Here you go! Our RED STRIPES with bright red screen printing on the cover is a real feast for the eyes. And it has excellent inner values, too. 256 pages of premium paper with a practical dot grid and page numbers for example. Here you can let your creativity run free.
**Nuuna - Graphic L - Future Plans
You don’t want to sit idly and leave the world to its own devices? You want to create, participate, get involved? The nuuna FUTURE PLANS is the perfect tool to plan your days in detail, to spin utopias and build castles in the air. Tomorrow is a new day – make it your own! 256 pages to take over the world (or make it through next week in one piece).
**Nuuna - Graphic L - Half Full
The world is full or changes, moving at blazing speed. It’s a good thing we have things we can rely on that simply don’t change. The waxing and waning of the moon, for example. The rising and setting of the sun – and the premium quality of your nuuna notebook. 256 pages as a haven of calm for stormy times. By the way: No matter what happens, with nuuna your glass is always half full!
**Nuuna - Graphic L - Head in the Clouds
Appointments, meetings, commitments, deadlines ... Don’t let them drive you crazy! Keep your head in the clouds today, it’s beautiful up here. Fresh, clear air, soothing silence and 256 pages to block out the hustle and bustle of everyday life and lose yourself in daydreams. Your notebook, your time for you! Because you’ve really earned it!
**Nuuna - Graphic L - Hi
In need of an icebreaker to finally talk to your crush? How about: Hi, I like you. Let’s have coffee together. Hi, I like you, glad you’re here! Hi, I miss you, come back to me quickly. Hi, 256 pages of fine, Swedish paper with a dot grid … and hi, soft recycled leather with rich screen printing. Perfect for practising the optimal flirt.
**Nuuna - Graphic L - Holy Sh!t
Holy Sh1t! Wow! Wtf?! Sometimes concepts come to mind that are simply, well, brilliant. They bring out that inimitable sensation of a flow state, when things just … fall into place. How do you spark it? Where does that inspiration stem from? It’s simple: Don’t think twice, set a timer and write and sketch it out. It’s all within you, you just have to set it free. 256 pages of premium paper to discover your creative side.
**Nuuna - Graphic L - Hope
One of life’s most essential things: hope. Sometimes things weigh down on us like lead. That’s when it’s important to look up to the sky and remember what you’re thankful for. Can’t think of anything? Just flip through your notebook and you’ll be sure to stumble upon happy places of the past. Or you’ll just have to create new ones. Get your pen out and go! Confidence is everything.
**Nuuna - Graphic L - Planet Love
This notebook is your LOVE PLANET. Containing only positive vibes, encouraging words, hearts in your eyes. When you treat your environment with love, it loves you back, most of the time anyway. Words contain the same power. Compliment yourself and feel fabulous: mon amour, you are the best! 256 pages of premium paper for the most beautiful messages to yourself.
**Nuuna - Graphic L - Silver Lining
You need something to hold onto in the roller coaster that is life? Everything’s speeding by and your feet can’t touch the ground? This notebook is just the thing for anyone seeking out a touch of confidence. It’s a reminder that with every dark chaos, there is a ray of light. Your best friend, your new favourite outfit or 256 pages of premium paper to write your worries away.
**Nuuna - Graphic L - Unconditional Love by Kristina Supernova
An impactful source of inspiration for artist Kristina Supernova lies within nature, influenced by her childhood in the Lithuanian countryside. Animals, especially dogs as loyal companions, are positive and empowering characters in the artist’s drawings and paintings, that in turn take on the role of protectors. The dog in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is your daily reminder of the power of love: for others and yourself. Plus 256 pages of premium paper to discover yourself and the world around you
**Nuuna - Graphic L - Vis-à-Vis
Vis-à-Vis –The grass is much greener, the sun warmer, the ideas more brilliant? That’s a fallacy! Throw on your extra strength, rose-coloured glasses and look at yourself in the mirror. You are wonderful – just like this notebook: 256 premium pages for secret wishes, extra sweet compliments and the best motivational quotes. Perfect for feeling your best!
**Nuuna - Graphic L - Word Plays
Writing is a lifelong process – it takes courage to overcome the fear of “the blank page”. And lots of dreaming, practice, motivation and energy. But don’t worry, your nuuna notebook is your safe space. You can’t go wrong here. Just get started, 256 pages of premium paper are your playground!
**Nuuna - Graphic L - Write Against the Machines
Will it come to a showdown: humans versus machines? AI versus real feelings? Will artificial intelligence take on a life of its own and bite our heads off in the end? We don’t know. What we are sure of, however, is this. No one can replace your writing – your ideas, your expression, your mind - unmistakable. 256 pages of finest premium paper to find your very own writing style.
**Nuuna - Graphic L - Write Love Play
The new “Eat Pray Love”: Write Love Play! Because the path to self-knowledge runs through your notebook. Getting to know yourself takes a lot of courage – and, of course, a lot of self-love. The perfect method: journaling, morning pages, keeping a diary. Your notebook is the perfect accomplice for mind games, love letters, and epic writings
*Nuuna - Graphic L - A Line is a Dot
Writing is a process – white paper doesn’t fill up in one fell swoop. Ideas have to develop, thoughts need time to grow, visions slowly simmer in your head. You will get there! And remember: A line is just a dot at first, slowly making its way into lines.
*Nuuna - Graphic L - Analog
We dreamt of flying cars, but 140 characters came along instead. This notebook is anti-twitter. 256 pages of the finest white premium paper, bound between smooth recycled leather, will give you enough space for your own novel or useful inventions like a flying car.
*Nuuna - Graphic L - Express Yourself
Come on, get out of your shell, bring your exciting ideas, get up on the big stage: show yourself – and express yourself! The best tool for that: this nuuna notebook with 256 pages of premium paper and lots of space to discover yourself.
*Nuuna - Graphic L - Eyes on You
All eyes are on you! But don’t worry, those cute googly eyes are not there to point out your mistakes. On the contrary, they are here to say “Hey, you are great, we are here with you, loving each one of your thoughts!” Plus: 256 pages of premium paper to ponder, write and let off steam.
*Nuuna - Graphic L - Flower Power
Everyone talks about bucket lists ... but a happy list is much more important: What makes you really happy, what makes you shine, when does your heart beat faster? These are some of the things on the nuuna happy list: coffee with your best friend, fresh flowers from the market and a quiet minute to write in your notebook. If you feel the same way, the nuuna Flower Power with its cheerful floral pattern will definitely put a smile on your face. 256 pages of premium paper for happy thoughts.
*Nuuna - Graphic L - Give me your Heart
Heart pounding and butterflies in your stomach? Giving this notebook as a gift is a wonderful declaration of love to your favourite person and their thoughts and ideas. Or to yourself – because writing is a bit like hugging yourself. 256 pages for lots of (self) love.
*Nuuna - Graphic L - Into the Blue
If you're going to write into the blue, go deep and make it crisp ultramarine blue. It comes as no surprise that typeface designer Elena Schneider has created a notebook in such intense colours. After all, she has lived in northern Iceland for many years and looks into the blue every day; with the sea in front of her doorstep.
*Nuuna - Graphic L - Pret-A-Ecrire
As "Prêt-à-porter" means "ready to wear", "Prêt-à-écrire" means "ready to write". This sensational black & white striped notebook is both ready to wear and to write. It's both a decorative accessory and an elegant home for storing notes and thoughts.
*Nuuna - Graphic L - Stay Cool
The world is spinning a little faster every day: 24/7 online, always available, everywhere at once. It’s good to switch off now and then. Staying analog, staying cool is best with this notebook. 256 pages of Swedish fine paper, bound in recycled leather.
*Nuuna - Graphic L - Sweet Joe
Let us present Sweet Joe, the sweetest charmer among our idea eating monsters. He just knows exactly how to get the best thoughts out of us – because let’s face it, no one can resist those darling round eyes. And then there is the irresistible combination of sky blue and powder pink together with 256 pages of premium paper: we are melting!
*Nuuna - Graphic Thermo L - Fading Memories
They exist, these magic moments. They are rare and precious. And as unexpectedly as they come, they also fade away quickly. A breeze, a heartbeat – a whole world. This notebook is a tribute to the magic of the moment. Simply rub the thermo sensitive silkscreen print with gentle pressure and bring a little magic into your everyday life.
Nuuna - Break the Grid L Light - Red
"Rules are what the artist breaks" - that's how advertising icon, William Bernbach, put it in a nutshell. So, let's break the rules! In this notebook the grid layouts in neon red, alter and change throughout. Take them as they are, pay them no attention, or destroy them completely. Make the book a rule-free zone, on 160 pages of premium paper.
Nuuna - Composition L - Matrix
The matrix that makes up your life, goes far beyond a bunch of numbers. Binary codes couldnt hope to satisfy the fullness of your thoughts. Yet, order leads to progress, and this notebook keeps track of everything you want to keep. Encryption optional.
Nuuna - Composition L - Splash
Yoko Ono once famously said "Illusions burst forever. Dreams always come true." This notebook will help keep track of every dream and desire, and everything that deserves to come true. On 256 pages of premium paper, bound in jeans label material with artistic screen printing.
Nuuna - Composition L - Strata
Who, better than you, has a deeper insight into your thoughts, notes & daydreams? You know how complex life can be, and how quickly thoughts & feelings change. STRATA protects those insights and outlooks, and allows a sense of perspective, if you allow it to.
Nuuna - Graphic L - Bad Book
Bad to be good. The cover contains the worst of criticism to free your pen and release your writing inhibitions. It also displays your sense of self-irony, which makes people like you all the more. The notebook is made of matt black smooth bonded leather with white silk-screen printing - clear words, clean design.
Nuuna - Graphic L - Bang Head Here
Why are you banging your head against the wall? May we suggest the less painful, and considerably more effective approach of letting your mind sink into a book instead. Bring your head down gently, allowing ideas to flow from the pages as you make contact. Now write them down quickly, good ideas are but fleeting, our subtle dot grid will keep them safe.
Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Or so they say. With the BEAUTY notebook, design icon, Stefan Sagmeister, and his partner Jessica Walsh, present a design that proves good looks are universal. It is truth and it is function. This book is beautiful, and functional.
Nuuna - Graphic L - Been there, Done that
The ideal notebook for storing places and events to help clear your mind. Make room for all the new and exciting stuff life has yet to offer. A notebook that loves to travel, and ready to be filled with stories.
Nuuna - Graphic L - Bonnie
This notebook, much like Bonnie for Clyde, is the perfect partner in crime. A trusted soulmate on the same wavelength, a confidante with whom you could share secrets and devise plans, and a discreet listener who valued and kept your thoughts safe.
Nuuna - Graphic L - Copyright
It's become the fashion to share everything with everyone, all the time: instagram, twitter, facebook, you name it. You should keep the really good ideas to yourself though, for a while at least. Keep them safe and sound in this notebook. Only you should choose who you share them with.
Nuuna - Graphic L - Da Da Da
According to dadaism, logic, intellect and the bourgeoisie simply made no sense at all. In 1916, the movement turned its back on all conventional art forms and what was considered to be the good taste of the time, in order to to create new space and a brand-new perspective. And that's just right for this book.
Nuuna - Graphic L - Everything Starts with a Dot
Kandinsky summarised it perfectly: "Everything starts from a dot." The first dot drives away the fear of the blank page. Your pen starts gliding over the fine premium paper, bound in matt-black recycled leather with a silver silk-screen printing.
Nuuna - Graphic L - Glossy Lips
This notebook fits perfectly into the hands of every creative director or chief editor, into the hands of those people who value headlines more than deadlines. Naturally, they will attach great importance to a product that feels good and has a perfect design.
Nuuna - Graphic L - Have a Nice Idea
"I jot things down on a scrap of paper and stuff it into my pocket, once I've had enough, it's a book." Something John Lennon once said, Strawberry fields forever brother. Powdered strawberry pink set upon sunshine yellow, could there be a better place for your ideas than this notebook? The subtle dot grid keeps track of everything you want to keep. Get inspired and have a nice idea. Thanks John.
Nuuna - Graphic L - I Work For Idiots
I love to work, but not for idiots. It takes guts to bring this notebook to your office. Only ever attempt to take this out during a meeting if you're a) totally confident that you're indispensable and b) can get away with it. Exceptions to the rule: your superiors love irony, or they're British.
Nuuna - Graphic L - London
You can never get enough of going on city trips. That's why we issued this special edition with illustrator Jan Paul Mueller, that will take you to Paris, London, Berlin and our home-town Frankfurt in no time at all. The city motif covers the whole book, including the edges.
Nuuna - Graphic L - Megapixel
This notebook looks as if it has come straight from the future rather than from the past. But the algorithmic optic is a guise. After all, a notebook is as analog as a vinyl record. And we love the crackling noises of old vinyls as much as we love the noise of shuffling paper.​​​​​​​
Nuuna - Graphic L - Metropolis
METROPOLIS - Fritz Lang had a unique vision beyond his time, a futuristic city, powered by a machine at its very core. 1920 is still far from the development of today's artificial intelligence, but perhaps these are thoughts that are now close to your heart. The city is yours for the taking.
Nuuna - Graphic L - Milky Way
What's more inspiring than a gaze at the stars? We printed this source of inspiration on a notebook so that you can gaze at the universe any time anywhere. The cover, black as night, consists of recycled leather with a dimmed silver motif.
Nuuna - Graphic L - Millimeter
Whether you're an architect, an engineer or a typographer - this notebook with neon orange graph paper is perfect for everyone who won't take centimeters or inches too seriously. The glossy silk-screen printing on matt black recycled leather will make your precision work as good looking as it gets..
Nuuna - Graphic L - Moon
f you want to put the moon on a notebook, it doesn't get any better than this. So it's always there for us, even during the day. Premium paper, smooth cover made of recycled leather, silver matt silk-screen printing. That's how it should be for a companion that inspires us: day and night.
Nuuna - Graphic L - No Plan
What do we leave to chance, if we already have a plan? Where does it go? When will it be back? Sometimes, it's best not to plan at all. This tempts chance to return, and we could say, that was our plan all along. A great plan, and a great space for keeping it in. Premium paper, with a soft cover and solid thread stitching.
Nuuna - Graphic L - Nothing to See Here
Nothing to see here, move along, folks! said the officer with an exploding fireworks factory behind him. The biggest secrets are hidden where nothing seems to happen; the silk-screen printing on this cover is temperature sensitive and changes its colour with heat. You've got to hold this book of white smooth bonded leather in your own hands to know what's going on. And maybe you will discover a little secret.
Nuuna - Graphic L - Paris
You can never get enough of going on city trips. That's why we issued this special edition with illustrator Jan Paul Mueller, that will take you to Paris, London, Berlin and our home-town Frankfurt in no time at all. The city motif covers the whole book, including the edges.
Graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister adds a bolt of positivity to the nuuna collection with his HAPPY BOOK. You can be as grumpy as you like, but as long as you carry this warm yellow notebook, people will smile at you anyway.
Nuuna - Graphic L - The Master Plan
Get out of the fine print and into the masterplan! Big ideas mean big projects. Don't hold back whilst using fabulous adjectives such as magnificent, superb or gigantic. As with any great masterplan, this notebook comes in a generous format and 256 pages of the finest premium paper.​​​​​​​
The artist Marija Mandic has thrust art upon the cover of our nuuna notebooks. Art being the language of the people, and the form that keeps our thoughts, ideas and what inspires us together. Even when you're on the move, WALKING ART works without an opening event, installation, or even the gallery.
Nuuna - Graphic L - Words by Heyday

Words are valuable, they carry weight, and can be used to achieve so much: Empathy, cohesion, relationships. Come on, let's write history together. Preferably in this notebook

Nuuna - Graphic L - Work in Progress
Some things just need time. One step after the other. The journey is the reward. Relax, and trust the process! You don’t have to worry about having the right equipment. With this notebook you are prepared for any brainstorm.
Nuuna - Graphic L - Write-Wrong
This notebook is as puristic as it gets. Without the cover motif, it would be hard to distinguish 'front' from 'back', 'up' from 'down'. The inside though is exquisite: 256 pages of the finest white Munken paper, bound between white smooth bonded leather.
Nuuna - Graphic L Glow - Magic Idea (Glows in the Dark)
That moment where you have a really good idea, it all clicks into place, and suddenly everything makes sense - it’s simply magical! In keeping with this unique feeling, the fluorescent screen print on this cover glows in the dark, giving the notebook that special spark that leaps right off the page.
Nuuna - Graphic L Light - Dots by MYRIAM BELTZ
Dots as far as the eye can see. This notebook cover by artist Myriam Beltz is a crafty reference to one of our signature moves: the dot grid. While the dots inside our nuuna notebooks are precisely positioned, on this cover they dance cheekily out of their perfect alignment. A homage to the charm of the hand-drawn form.
Nuuna - Graphic L Thermo - Hot Stuff (Thermo Effect)
Ready for red-hot features? This notebook has exactly what you need. A soft recycled leather cover, the best premium paper and cool cover artwork featuring special effects. High quality, smart and above all; surprising. The screen printing is thermo-sensitive and changes colour when exposed to heat. Just rub your finger over the text and, bam! – drop it like it’s hot!
Nuuna - Night Flight L Light - NYC Silver
At first glance; a sea of lights - until you recognise streets, squares, parks and the very own magic of a city. A fascinating notebook for city nomads and urbanists, that will never get boring. Elaborated silk screen printing in silver metallic on matt black recycled Leather.
Nuuna - Savage Light L - Script
Excessive overthinking is probably the most common killer of creativity. Usually, good projects blossom from spontaneous impulses - long nights where even absurd ideas are given a trial. Then the chaff must be separated from the wheat. But first: draw inspiration from the dynamic scribbling on the cover and just do it!
Nuuna - Savage Light L - Stroke
With just one stroke it all becomes clear. Quickly write down your enlightenment, STROKE keeps it all in place. 176 pages of space for sudden realizations. 120g premium paper, high quality dot grid, bound in smooth recycled leather. What a stroke of luck.