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Meeting the demands of professional artists and collaborating with scientists in conservation has encouraged us to pursue the highest quality standards for all our products.  Therefore, we use single pigments in the majority of our colors and actively search out ways to maintain the highest pigment load among all major manufacturers today.
Golden  Fluid Acrylics - IridescentsGolden Fluid Acrylics - Iridescents
Golden Fluid AcrylicsGolden Fluid Acrylics
Golden Fluid Acrylics - InterferenceGolden Fluid Acrylics - Interference
Golden - Heavy Body IridescentsGolden - Heavy Body Iridescents
Golden - High Flow AcrylicsGolden - High Flow Acrylics
Golden MediumsGolden Mediums
Including Matte Mediums, Gesso, Soft Gel & Regular Gel
Golden - A-Z Acrylic Starter Set - 14 piecesGolden - A-Z Acrylic Starter Set - 14 pieces