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Derwent has a long and distinguished heritage, stretching back to the discovery of graphite in the Borrowdale area in the early 1500s. Our pencils have been made in Cumbria since 1832 and generations of local craftsmen have used their unique skills to perfect the art of pencil making.
* Derwent - Inktense Pencils* Derwent - Inktense Pencils
Including single pencils and tin collections
*Derwent - Inktense Blocks*Derwent - Inktense Blocks
Including single blocks and tins
*Derwent - ArtBar*Derwent - ArtBar
Includes singles and tinned collections - 72 colours
*Special Offer - Derwent Tins - Up to 33% OFF!*Special Offer - Derwent Tins - Up to 33% OFF!
Including Artbars, Inktense Pencils, Inktense Blocks, Watercolour Pencils, Aquatones, Coloursoft Pencils, Pastel Pencils, Graphic Pencils, Tinted Charcoal & Drawing Pencils
Willow CharcoalWillow Charcoal
Available in 4 different sizes
XL Graphite Blocks & Charcoal BlocksXL Graphite Blocks & Charcoal Blocks
Including XL Graphite & Charcoal Blocks in sets and singles. Groove Cube, Derwent Sprinkler & XL Grippers
Derwent - Art Bar - Shave 'n' SaveDerwent - Art Bar - Shave 'n' Save
Derwent - Graphik - Line MarkersDerwent - Graphik - Line Markers
You can weave the most intricate designs with these cool fine liners. Graphik Line Makers are filled with lightfast pigment water based ink in 3 colours; Black, Graphite & Sepia.
Derwent - Graphik - Line PaintersDerwent - Graphik - Line Painters
Graphik Line Painters are a fine line paint pen that gives immense depth of colour, even on dark backgrounds. Create layers, dribbles and washes with the opaque waterbased ink in 20 strong colours. The 0.5 Japan nib is robust and delivers a fluid paint line.
Derwent - H20 BrushDerwent - H20 Brush
Derwent - Inktense - Paper StumpDerwent - Inktense - Paper Stump